3 ways to keep healthy finances this Christmas

It is known that the Christmas season and the end of the year are loaded with expenses, that is why making purchases intelligently is essential to avoid damaging your budget. And it is not nice that January arrives and the accounts begin to arrive in red, showing the lack of control of the victim during Christmas.

Ideally, enjoy Christmas and start a quiet 2019, and to achieve this, these are three ways in which you can maintain healthy finances.


Be willing to say ‘no’

Be willing to say

This advice can apply for everything; For example, your children may ask you for something that costs more than you can afford and although you want to see them happy, it is necessary to say no. It is also valid for invitations and exchanges. Suppose you are already participating in several gift exchanges, but another group invites you to do one more; In this case, it is necessary to be aware of your budget and keep in mind that you cannot participate in everything.

It is necessary to prioritize expenses to determine how much you can spend and thus stick to the budget and avoid embezzlement.


Avoid buying by buying

Avoid buying by buying

Suppose you covered your list of earrings and left over money, in good time! It is time to save and save it, or allocate it to make some outstanding payments. Just because he supposed that he would spend a certain amount, does not mean that he should buy and continue shopping, even if he is done with his Christmas list. If possible, look for savings. Also, remember that no matter how Christmas it is, you are not Santa Claus, so you don’t need to give gifts everywhere to everyone.


Distribute your income well

Distribute your income well

Make a list of all the monthly income, including the bonus and other bonuses you may receive. Once you have it ready, make another list with the pending expenses and your Christmas budget, so you will have the clear numbers and you can distribute what you will receive among everything you must pay and buy. This will help you determine what amount will be allocated to gifts, savings, at the end of the year, etc., in order to maintain order and respect your budget.

With these tips, finances will be more than tidy this Christmas. But something you should also pay attention to is the method you will use to finance those purchases. For example, will you have your credit card or request a credit? In any case, the recommendation is always to compare the alternatives to find the option that offers you more, for less.

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