Prepare 2015 tax return now and save an average

If you want to secure this warm rain, you should now prepare your tax return for 2015 as soon as possible. According to the Good Finance Office, the average reimbursement received by employees after filing the tax return is € 873. Reason enough to file a tax return – even if you are not obliged to do so.

For example, for whom is the duty to file a tax return?

  • The self-employed must in principle submit the annual tax return.
  • Employees with additional income exceeding € 410.

Why you should start now


In the first weeks of the year, the last certificates and supporting documents will arrive. If you already compile all the documents, you are among the first to file your tax return. In any case, even if you are obliged to pay, you have until 31.5.2016 to file the tax return for 2015. But on this date, the pressure and the burden on the tax offices are particularly large, so that the processing may take even longer. Anyone who submits his tax return in good time to the tax office can generally count on a faster tax refund.

Where employees often get the most


As an employee, you will automatically be deducted a service fee of € 1,000. That means: From your gross wage, which you tax, without further proof 1.000 € are not taken into account with the tax, in order to settle work-related expenditures. As soon as you want to spend more than 1.000 €, you have to prove all expenses.

This is of course a bit annoying and requires a little discipline. Many employees do not do the work because of the lump sum, to collect the evidence about professional expenses. Often, however, a pretty tax savings is lost. This alone shows this fact:

Travel costs

Travel costs

The professional expenses also include the daily commute to work. Anyone who drives 15 kilometers of distance to work every day will be able to pay 1,000 €. Travel costs are calculated using the distance flat rate of € 0.30 per kilometer of the one-way trip. If, for example, you drive 15 km to work on 228 days per year, that alone amounts to € 1,026 – and the lump sum has already been exceeded.

With each additional voucher proving professional expenses, you will save taxes.

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